Why should I take the virtual P3GP® Project Programme & Portfolio Governance Professional course?

The Project, Programme and Portfolio Governance Professional (P3GP®) certification & course provides the knowledge and understanding necessary to design, implement and operate effective and efficient governance arrangements for a project or programme, or your organization’s entire change portfolio. It is applicable to projects, programmes and portfolios in all sectors including hard infrastructure, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and business change in both the private and public sectors. The course mirrors the book in being practical, pragmatic and adaptable to all P3 scenarios.


Virtual - In French with English material
2 days
Virtual - In English with English material
2 days

Virtual classroom training allows you to benefit from real-time instruction from the comfort of your home or office. You benefit from the same interactions as an on-site class and will be able to ask questions of the instructor. Since the exams are not done on paper during the course but online, you will also benefit from time to study and prepare until you are ready to obtain the certification.

What are the course prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for the course. You must work or have a good knowledge of project management You must complete approximately 3 hours of study before the course. We will provide you with all the reading material you need.

What is the exam?

P3GP  Professional

The exam is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of P3G.

• Length: 90 minutes
• Pass mark : 50 questions - 50 %

Key learning points: 

An introduction to P3G

• A basic understanding of projects, programmes and portfolios
• Concepts and benefits

Principle 1: Treat Change differently from Business as Usual

Principle 2: Ensure a single point of accountability for each project or programme

Principle 3: Business outcome accountability determines project or programme accountability

Principle 4: Support the person accountable for a project or programme with a governance board

Principle 5: Separate project and programme decision-making from stakeholder engagement

Principle 6: Align investments with strategic objectives

Principle 7: Maintain the business case

Principle 8: Design portfolio governance to drive investment outcomes

Principle 9: Ensure consistent and logical decision-making rights

Principle 10: Enable evidenced-based decision-making

Application of the principles: Implementation

• Scaling governance to fit the needs
• Practices and behaviours that impact board performance
• Agile environments
• P3G Maturity



With your registration :

·      2-days Virtual training (Zoom) by an accredited P3GP expert

·      Official manual "Project Programme and Portfolio Governance – P3G" (paper version)

·      P3GP exam online (webcam required)

·      Accredited course material including sample exam questions

·      Certificate and PDUs for PMPs


A personal computer is recommended to avoid any technical issues. If you are using an office device, make sure you have access rights or IT computer support at the time of the exam. For the online proctored exam, an interface must be installed. Administrative rights are therefore essential.

Exams can be taken on a recent MAC or PC with Windows. A working webcam and microphone (internal or external) are required.

The online exam is not available on a tablet (Ipad) or cell phone at this time.



This P3GP course is given by ATO Okazy Consulting.

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